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October 23, 2015
لقاء الأحبة (الداعية في الغرب بين الشبهات والشهوات) – بث مباشرمع الشيخ محمد صالح المنجد
December 9, 2016
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The Quran enjoins Muslims to select partners who are good and pure (Tayyib).

Surat Ar Rum (30:21) says: And of His Signs is that He has created mates for you from your own kind that you may find peace in them and He has set between you love and mercy. Surely there are Signs in this for those who reflect.”

The name for this matrimonial service, Mawada, is from this Surah, which means affection. The aim of Mawada is to create an “Islamic compliant environment” for people seeking to complete half their deen by establishing a local service to help and facilitate practising, single Muslims find someone who is compatible.

This service is different from the mainstream online matrimonial sites in that all matching, introductions and meetings will be under the personal supervision of the Mawada Committee members. No one will have access to the information submitted until the Committe has come up with the matches when the parties will be contacted to review the profiles.

Mawada’s mission is to facilitate our Muslim brothers and sisters in fulfilling one of their roles and responsibilities on this earth, while adhering to Islamic principles and values by providing an opportunity to meet potential partners in a safe, supervised, Islamic environment which adheres to Islamic guidelines.

1) The Committee will ensure that privacy and modesty are maintained and only potential matches will be given the opportunity to view the profiles.

2) Counselling services will be provided by our Imam to those interested.

3) There is  NO CHARGE for this service There is a great need for this service and Mawada provides it for the sake of Allah. However, please help Ajyal Islamic Centre in continuing all the services we provide by whatever donation you can make. The centre is in need of your help to pay the rent which is high because of it’s convenient location downtown.








Step 1: Brothers and Sisters complete profile forms on the website. The more information you can provide about yourself and who you are looking for, the better your chances of finding your other half. Pictures will be requested if and when needed.

Step 2: The Committee will review available profiles and attempt to match the couples based on the criteria submitted. If there is a match, a meeting will be arranged under supervision (as often as both parties agree to meet before final decision). All meetings will be under supervision of mahram or committee members where mahrams are not available.

Step 3: If agreement is reached to proceed further, all nikkah arrangements will be discussed with the Imam, including any counselling or additional support.

Note:For new Muslims or anyone who does not have a Wali, the Imam will act as their Wali.

please contact us via e-mail:

Ajyal for Youth Development Society
Ajyal for Youth Development Society
Together we promote and develop committed Muslim youth who understand the true and balanced nature of Islam and apply it in their lives.

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